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28 February 2017 @ 01:35 pm
Hello. I didn't see a rules page right off so please forgive me if this is not allowed in this group. I am searching (( and have been for over a year now )) for somebody willing to rp a Ken or Yohji for a crossover rp. I rp Sasuga from Yu Yu Hakusho and would love to do some threads either here, on tumblr , skype or aim . Please feel free to message me if anybody is interested. My skype :relentlessartist, aim: relentlessRP, tumblr : http://thecutestmonkeygirl.tumblr.com/

Thank you for your time :)
05 January 2017 @ 07:17 am
It's after Christmas, but better late than never.

Title: “Krampusnacht”
Author: viridian5
Warnings: worksafe, PG-13
Pairing: Crawford/Schuldig
Summary: Crawford gets a glimpse into Schuldig’s idea of volunteer work.
Notes: Though it doesn’t come up in the fic, Schuldig sometimes describes Krampus to Americans as being part of “(Heavy) Metal Christmas.” Thanks to marasmine for the beta!

'Krampusnacht' by Viridian5Collapse )
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09 January 2016 @ 04:05 am
Title: "Guilty All the Same"
Author: viridian5
Warnings: worksafe, mild slash, PG-13
Pairing: blink and you'll miss it Schuldig/Crawford
Summary: It’ll all make sense eventually.
Notes: This is based pretty closely on the actual scene in “Mission 24: Zeremonio-- Likenesses Passing,” which had felt off mostly because the creators basically had Schuldig forget he’s a telepath. While pre-reading this fic, red_squared reminded me that explaining this scene was part of a weiss_kreuzmas prompt she asked for in 2013, so... Merry Kreuzmas two years later?

'Guilty All the Same' by Viridian5Collapse )
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28 December 2015 @ 04:03 pm
Title: “Giving Grief”
Author: viridian5
Warnings: worksafe, gen, PG-13
Spoilers: “Mission 21: Trane-- Memories” and Verbrechen/Strafe.
Summary: One of Yoji’s methods for dealing with his problems is having an impact on his waistline.
Characters: Yoji, Omi, Ken, Aya
Notes: “Kummerspeck” actually involves overeating from grief/stress, but this is what came to me, red_squared, so.... Inspired by a request at wk_100’s New Year Drabble exchange, but it went far over the 100-word limit.

'Giving Grief' by Viridian5Collapse )
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24 November 2015 @ 03:00 am
Title: "Get Up"
Author: viridian5
Warnings: worksafe, PG-13
Pairing: Schuldig/Crawford, Schuldig/Nagi
Summary: Working for Nagi’s organization presents challenges for Schuldig in his current condition.
Notes: A sequel to “House on Fire.” Spoilers for “Mission 22: Miteid -- Final Reconciliation.”

'Get Up' by Viridian5Collapse )
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27 January 2015 @ 12:05 am
Title: "Professional Disagreements"
Author: viridian5
Warnings: worksafe, PG-13
Pairings: Crawford/Schuldig
Summary: The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Notes: This is kind of a combination of lauand and indelicateink’s prompts for Indelicateink’s weekend flash challenge. Thanks to Rosaleendhu for the beta. This is my 500th completed fanfic!

'Professional Disagreements' by Viridian5Collapse )
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26 August 2014 @ 05:58 pm
Title: “Daily Free Spin”
Author: viridian5
Warnings: worksafe, gen, PG-13
Summary: There are some things Schuldig won’t do.
Notes: Beta by rosaleendhu.

'Daily Free Spin' by Viridian5Collapse )
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17 August 2014 @ 02:53 am
Title: "The Mystery's Gone"
Author: viridian5
Warnings: worksafe, PG, gen
Summary: The fangirls and Aya make Yoji suffer.

'The Mystery's Gone' by Viridian5Collapse )
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29 June 2014 @ 11:05 pm
The weissvsaiyuki battle is open to Weiss Kreuz prompts! Learn more here and leave your most dreamed-of Weiss Kreuz prompts (anyone can prompt--you don't need to be a battle participant to leave prompts).


We've also had some KICK. ASS. works submitted this month. Don't miss--

- works from daegaer's Crawford/Schuldig 1920s London AU: "No Place Like Home" ("Crawford finds his place of residence less homely than he'd like") and "Art Nouveau" ("Crawford finds he needs to take economic concerns into consideration")
- viridian5's "Guardians" (Aya has an unexpected secret)
- laurose8's untitled work (Schuldig/Aya; "A brief strain of space opera, where Aya learns one good overturn deserves another")
- daegaer's "Cavalry" (Nagi/Mamoru; "Mamoru is betrayed and needs help")

There is also a feast of incredible delights (drabbles, longer-works, and other goodies) included under this tag.

If you've been jonesing for some new, satisfying Weiss Kreuz, these authors have got the hook-up. Please leave them feedback--we have one more month to go in this battle, and I know there are some excellent stories in the works! (And if you want to join in, learn more here; we would love to have you on Team Weiss Kreuz.)
13 June 2014 @ 08:33 pm
Title: "Meshiuma"
Author: viridian5
Warnings: worksafe, PG-13, dark-ish?
Characters: Farfarello, Schuldig, Brad Crawford, Naoe Nagi
Summary: Farfarello and Schuldig have to restrain themselves for now.
Notes: Small spoilers for “Mission 12: Abschied-- Why” and “Mission 18: Schuld-- Farfarello.”
Written for weissvsaiyuki's Full Moon Friday the 13th (spooky, supernatural, or unlucky) flash challenge. This is a prequel side piece off “Guardians.”
Meshiuma is Japanese internet slang for schadenfreude. The word is an abbreviation of meshi ga umai, which means “my food tastes good.” This relates to a Japanese proverb that basically means “the misfortune of others is sweet like honey.”

'Meshiuma' by Viridian5Collapse )
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07 June 2014 @ 05:32 am
Title: "Under the Cover of Night"
Author: viridian5
Genre: slash/shonen ai, PG-13
Pairing: Yoji/Aya
Summary: Aya and Yoji are dealing with their angst in different ways, but Yoji hopes to make it the same way.
Warnings: worksafe
Notes: Spoilers for “Mission 17: Kritiker-- Pride With No Name,” “Mission 21: Trane-- Memories,” “Mission 25: Ende des Weiss-- To the Knights,” “Verbrechen/Strafe,” and the Dramatic Precious CDs. Read-through by Rosaleendhu and Esinde Nayrall.
Status: complete

'Under the Cover of Night' by Viridian5Collapse )
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07 June 2014 @ 01:32 am
Title: "Guardians"
Author: viridian5
Genre: gen, PG-13
Warnings: worksafe, some violence, unsexy tentacles
Summary: While Aya is in a coma, her brother takes over her responsibilities.
Notes: Written for weissvsaiyuki: Fantasy AU challenge. Small spoilers for “Mission 9: Schreient-- Hopes,” “Mission 12: Abschied-- Why,” and “Mission 16: Schatten-- Return to Battle.”

'Guardians' by Viridian5Collapse )
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It's Weiss Kreuz fandom vs Saiyuki fandom again in weissvsaiyuki in June and July! Weiss lost to Saiyuki in the last battle, so step up and represent!

Full information is available here. Join us--and signal boost!

15 April 2014 @ 10:05 pm
Title: "Silver and Gold"
Author: viridian5
Genre: slash, PG-13
Warnings: worksafe
Pairing: Brad Crawford/Schuldig
Summary: Getting older gives them new things to torment each other about.
Notes: Pre-reading by rosaleendhu.

'Silver and Gold'Collapse )
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23 March 2014 @ 10:06 pm
Anyone care for some Schwarz-style romance with snark/banter on the side? :)

That Wasn't The Plan

Characters: Brad Crawford/Schuldig
Warning: NSFW (smut)
Rating: NC-17 (smut!)
Summary: Crawford and Schuldig's first mission together challenges their freshly formed team, and an unexpected event changes Schuldig's perspective and their relationship – forever.

On my project journal:

Also available @ AO3
07 January 2014 @ 07:36 pm
Title: “Smart Jobs”
Author: viridian5
Warnings: worksafe
Rating: gen, PG-13
Summary: Smartphones make Schuldig’s work easier and harder, and he’s annoyed about all of it.
Notes: Beta by Rosaleendhu.

'Smart Jobs'Collapse )
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03 January 2014 @ 08:33 pm
Title: "Takeover"
Author: viridian5
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Nagi/Schuldig
Spoilers: “Last Mission 11: Piece of Heaven,” “Last Mission 12: Epitaph,” “Mission 22: Miteid -- Final Reconciliation,” and some vague spoilers for the whole Glühen series.
Summary: Now that he’s returned to Schwarz, Nagi has plans.
Warnings/Content: worksafe, some violence, a bit of light m/m.
Notes: This fic was inspired by daegaer's prompt from this year's weiss_kreuzmas bonus round: “Nagi/Schuldig; post-Glühen; they form a new team; any genre.” Read-through by rosaleendhu.

'Takeover'Collapse )
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If you missed last year's opportunity to show the world your lack of talent but your large amounts of enthusiasm, this is your chance!

Draw whatever scene you have always wanted to draw and forget about the quality because we don't want it here!

Entries: Every rating, genre, fandom, technic or whatever is allowed and encouraged as long as it looks crappy enough (although I'd rather avoid pics of real people or portraying kids in adult situations, please).

Deadline for submission: January 3th.

More details, submitting post and provisional exhibition here!

(Also, Happy New Year!)
28 December 2013 @ 01:49 am
Well, 'tis the season and I have noticed that a few of us are missing the witty fan banter we usually enjoy around this time of year. So, if anyone is game... I have had a few fannish questions percolating that may be of interest. Or not. I guess we'll find out!

The dichotomy of WK is inescapable. The 'good guys' are assassins. The whole premise is that they right the wrongs that the law can't touch. But still...

What are your favorite examples of the Weiss boys stretching - or outright shattering - that premise? If we really look at it... does the premise hold up at all? What are your favorite examples of Weiss being outright evil?

And the flip side of that... Schwarz are the 'bad guys'... but are they always? Is there nothing redeemable in there? Are there any examples - out of the few - where they could possibly be construed as not-so-bad or even reluctantly 'good'?

Commence with the defining of WK canon... (okay... you don't have to laugh... well, maybe a little... okay, just don't hurt yourself...)