oracle_dreams (oracle_dreams) wrote in weisskreuz,

Of WK FanBanter 2013

Well, 'tis the season and I have noticed that a few of us are missing the witty fan banter we usually enjoy around this time of year. So, if anyone is game... I have had a few fannish questions percolating that may be of interest. Or not. I guess we'll find out!

The dichotomy of WK is inescapable. The 'good guys' are assassins. The whole premise is that they right the wrongs that the law can't touch. But still...

What are your favorite examples of the Weiss boys stretching - or outright shattering - that premise? If we really look at it... does the premise hold up at all? What are your favorite examples of Weiss being outright evil?

And the flip side of that... Schwarz are the 'bad guys'... but are they always? Is there nothing redeemable in there? Are there any examples - out of the few - where they could possibly be construed as not-so-bad or even reluctantly 'good'?

Commence with the defining of WK canon... (okay... you don't have to laugh... well, maybe a little... okay, just don't hurt yourself...)
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